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Making things a little clear to all my Bitches!

2015-03-20 02:30:12 by HazardOxyde

I am the Bitch, my name Is Sharon Owens, I'm a music creator, still In school (Obviously). News post? The fuck Is there to say about news? Uh, fuck politics, the system--all the shit to do with fucking society over as well as the people of America. I'm a female, call me 'man', 'bro', 'dude' or any form of masculine terms, I will put you Into place as I find that shit, bullshit. I'm a nice person of course, just don't get on my nipple end with flirting and trying to get Into my vaginal walls with creepy ass chat up lines I'd no doubt find In a holiday brochure.


If you're a cool guy/girl that can have a giggle, I'll be cool with you and keep In contact with you. If you get weird with me and make me unconfortable (Which, I'll tell you), you will be told once to quit, If you don't listen, you're getting blocked.


Stay true all my fellow Bitches, this Bitch loves y'all! <3


PS: If I like you, you're not going anywhere and you're getting somewhere. I'm not a slut either, I'm a respectable Bitch with standards. . .I don't know what you're thinking about this, but I am totally meaning my music here (Or am I). I welcome fans of all kinds like a mother fucker! Keep It Real In Texas!